We are only 4 days into 2021 and I have managed to upload a new video everyday to YouTube! Since I haven't been to the parks in a couple weeks, these are throwback videos. Never before uploaded to my channel and brand new content!

First up from an old Star Wars Weekends folder, and relevant during these times of The Mandalorian, I found this clip of a guest freaking out while meeting Boba Fett. Also an added appearance from Admiral Akbar!

Up next is something that I for sure uploaded only a small portion of back when I first filmed it. But back then, there were restrictions on how long my videos were able to be. Stitch's Supersonic Celebration was only open for about a month. This recording was the only time I got to see it, and ironically, it closed the very next day. This was also filmed the day after Michael Jackson passed away. You can see the dancers give a couple homages to MJ during the show. I'm unsure if they were always in it. Here is most of the pre-show and complete performance.


And finally, something I am genuinely surprised I have never uploaded to YouTube, a little gem I found from 2008. I have shared bits of this clip on Twitter and Instagram, but here is all I have in its entirety. Path of the Wicked was located in between Shrek and Jimmy Neutron's Nick Toon Blast. Those flying monkeys are still one of the most memorable things I have ever witnessed at Halloween Horror Nights.

I'm not sure how long this streak will continue, but hopefully I can get back to the parks soon and capture some new content. All of the Christmas offerings ended yesterday so things should be back to "normal" at the parks for a little bit. Until then, I have hard drives and theme park content you want to see!