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With their debut at the event last year, the Academy of Villains quickly became one of the more popular attractions at HHN 26. When it was announced that they were confirmed for HHN 27 with a show called "Afterlife", the hype surrounding it was just as much as the hype about the houses, scarezones, and even B&T. People love this crew! But Hurricane Irma had different plans.

Taken the last day of operation before the park closed for the hurricane.

The original stage, although safety precautions were taken, received some damage from Hurricane Irma. HHN was officially opening just a couple days after the hurricane, so everyone had to think fast. They constructed a much smaller stage right in front of the Pantages Theater (Horror Make Up Show). I heard rumors that the Academy of Villains created the routine for a new modified show in just a few hours.

This modified show was just about 10 minutes long. Unlike last year's production, they had audience participation this time! Two members from the audience are pulled up on stage for an "impromptu" dance battle! Also new to this year is "Yellow". The best way to describe "Yellow" is he's a break dancer in the most literal sense. He incorporates being a contortionist and uses yoga poses in his dance routine. It's really bizarre to watch. I'll put a video of Yellow's performance at the bottom.

Finally on Friday September 29th, AOV moved from the temp stage to a newly constructed modified stage in the location where the original was. Smaller than the first stage, this new one had 3 videos screens in the back area, no roof, but still equipped with pyro. It started buzzing around that the "Afterlife" show would not be performed on this stage. Instead it will be an extended version of their last minute Irma show.

During the show intro, a sign was showing that this would be a 14.5 minute long performance. I noticed a few new elements added that weren't included in the previous Irma show. Most notably how "Yellow" was introduced. I'm not going to spoil it, but they paint a pretty good picture of Yellow's origin. Definitely make sure you catch at least one AOV performance during HHN 27. You won't regret it! I have a nice little cache already of AOV photos so be sure to follow HHNstagram on Instagram to see them!

Catchy catchphrase!



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