Mayhem Made ‘Em Sneak Peek!

Mayhem Made ‘Em Preview Center You clicked the link that got you here and for that, thank you! I am humbled that you’ve made it this far to see what kind of wares I’ll be peddling on Etsy. Currently you can get Magic City Mayhem branded things on both Redbubble and TeeSpring. But soon, you […]

Who likes crossword puzzles?

Universal Studios Florida: Hollywood Blvd 1. Most Diamond Of The Bellas 2. Not Diner 3. Day Parade 4. Passholder Magnet Pickup 5. The Shop 6. It's Jason 7. This Kind Of Makeup Show 8. No Food At This Brown One 9. 49 Tribute 10. Ice Cream Pharmacy 11. Hi Cat 12. A Former Tribute To […]

Star Wars Sunday!

I’m giving all the credit to The Mandalorian, but there’s been a heightened feeling of excitement regarding the overall Star Wars brand lately. I even went back and watched the last trilogy recently. It took me a couple days, but I muscled through. It was the first time that I watched the three latest movies […]

Daily Doodle #17 Alan Rickman

Welcome back to an impromptu Daily Doodle! 5 years ago today we lost the actor that played Professor Snape (among many other iconic roles), Alan Rickman. In tribute, I sketched out a quick Snape. Also, here are a couple photos I’ve shared today on social. These photos were originally taken on Back to Hogwarts Day […]

4 day streak!

We are only 4 days into 2021 and I have managed to upload a new video everyday to YouTube! Since I haven’t been to the parks in a couple weeks, these are throwback videos. Never before uploaded to my channel and brand new content! First up from an old Star Wars Weekends folder, and relevant […]

Fett Freak Out!

I wish I had more of a backstory to this clip. The one guy was playing with Boba and smarting off to him. At one point, it looked like the guest was trying to make it appear he was being Force Choked. Obviously that completely ridiculous. But his faces and yelling “HE’S FREAKING ME OUT” […]