My Latest Obsession is Making a Tiny Arcade Cabinet

My Latest Obsession

Can I have an arcade cabinet? When I was a kid, I loved playing arcade games! I would go to arcades and walk laps trying to figure out what machines would be worthy of the quarters I stole from the jar my mother kept for laundry money. Even when we went on vacation, I’d find […]

Veterans Day at Universal Studios Florida 2016

The year was 2016. Halloween Horror Nights 26 featuring Chance as the main attraction just wrapped barely a week ago. Jimmy Fallon and the Race Through New York still had construction walls up around it. Some holiday decorations already started appearing around the park. However there was one holiday that needed to be observed before […]

Daily vlog announcement!

Happy New Year, Magic City Maniacs! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. A daily vlog documenting my everyday adventures. I hope I can see this through until New Year’s Eve 2019. The vlogs might be just a couple minutes long, and sometimes they may even go longer than that. I intend […]