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It's bound to happen. If you go to the Central Florida theme parks enough, you'll eventually see a famous person. Over the years, I have definitely seen my share. I didn't always pull out the camera right away to film them, but sometimes I did. The first example I am about to share with you totally contradicts what I am about to say, but, you should always respect a celebs privacy when they're out in the parks. While I've never approached someone famous in the parks, filming them from a distance probably isn't recommended either. But with that being said, if you saw Britney Spears at the Magic Kingdom back when she was a little more popular, what would you have done?

This Britney Spears video was pretty much one of the first ones I ever did for Magic City Mayhem's YouTube channel. It is also one of the first videos that got shared a bunch of times! A local news station used clips of it (with credit) on their broadcast. Lauren (wife), Jenn (sister), and myself were walking around the Magic Kingdom when I noticed the tour guides that usually walk the celebs around. When I realized it was Britney, that's when I started filming. And we may have followed her for just 10 minutes or so. Like I said, this was one of the first videos for the channel and was filmed in March of 2009. So please pardon the terrible camera work, editing, and commentary.

This next one was actually filmed by Lauren at Halloween Horror Nights. She went one evening after work and as she was walking in, she thought she saw someone famous. She sent me a text and said she thinks she sees the guy from Twisted Sister. I told her to prove it, so she took this video. And it was in fact, Dee Snider!

And the last one I'm going to share today was actually filmed in a non-creepy way. We were at a media event when the Magic Kingdom was welcoming Princess Tiana in a coronation ceremony as a new official Disney Princess. They were about to show us some Tiana related merchandise when Boyz II Men came over and started taking photos with some of the swag. Since they were there as part of the event, I thought it would be ok to film them.

Have you ever seen someone famous at the parks? I'd love to hear about it! Maybe someday I will see YOU at the parks and you'll let me take a selfie with you!


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