I am really hoping we are able to get back to the streets this year for some Horror Nights goodness. I know. I know. We haven't even gotten any Mardi Gras related news yet. But I can't help it! I always have HHN on the brain. I expect we will get some sort of announcement in the coming weeks regarding "Florida's Biggest Party". I think it might be too soon for concerts, however, I don't think that spells doom for the Mardi Party. They can still do the French Quarter Courtyard, with distance measures in place. Food trucks can also be setup to accommodate for larger crowds. The parade floats can be in a soundstage similar to the Holiday Parade floats. Bring back the Skeleton Bar, the Tribute Store, and maybe sprinkle in some local or in-house musical entertainment, and it sounds like it could be a decent event!

But I digress.

I miss Halloween. I miss Halloween Horror Nights. Here's hoping by the time September rolls around, these things won't be in question. Happy New Year!