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I've mentioned recently (on Twitter) that I don't care what they bring to HHN XXX, just open the gates and I'll be there. But for the sake of daily content and today being 11/11 (make a wish), here's a little wish list of things I hope to see come to (and possibly even stay at) Halloween Horror Nights.

- Obviously the fried PB&J w/ banana sandwich I posted about yesterday has to be at the top of the list!

-The Rat Lady! We haven't seen her in quite some time. I can't remember the last time I got photos and or video of here. Hope she comes back soon!

-Attraction overlays. Now this can be something as simple as only "spooky" songs being available on the Rockit, to something a little more involved like elements added to MIB. Sure, the obvious choice would be to have live actors within the ET Adventure, but the queue space is far too valuable as house dumps. MIB is the only other attraction I can think of that might be able to accommodate actors alongside vehicles safely. And lets face it, Fast and the Furious is already scary enough and doesn't need an overlay.

-A mascot. Not an icon. Something that is there yearly, and almost the "spirit" of the event. Ultimately, I think this is Jack the Clown. But I think he should only physically be there during milestone years. Some other mischievous character that represents HHN as a whole that comes back year to year could be an interesting concept. A character similar to Sam from Trick R Treat, or even Sam himself, would be perfect for this.

-A parade or drum corp. This is another offering that hasn't been around for quite some time and I think fans would lose their minds if they brought something like this back.

So what tops your wish list? Be sure to let me know! Tweet me or post in the comments of this post on Facebook!


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