A new adventure awaits!

If you follow my daily vlog, then you already know I work for the radio station here in Orlando. You might even know what I'm about to tell you right now. If not, let me take this opportunity to fill you in. Something amazing has happened! I have been given an opportunity that has been traditionally reserved for "on-air talent". I have been given my own mini-site on the Real Radio website to host my own blog! Real Radio is a very unique radio station. Monday through Friday from 6am-9pm'ish, it's an FM talk station. There are different shows throughout the day, and they discuss a wide range of topics. Think of it like a radio station that plays live podcasts all day long. Kind of like Howard Stern style shows when he was on regular radio. On the weekends they play a unique mix of music. Everything from 90s alternative and hip hop, modern hits, 80s new wave, and classic rock.

Everything here on Magic City Mayhem will remain theme park centric, but this new venture gives me the freedom to go outside the box. I'm going to post things from beyond theme parks and even Orlando. I'll still probably post some park related content, because lets face it, that's my passion. But there will be so much more to cover!

What's in a name?

I wanted to come up with a name that shows a different identity from what I've already established here. For now, the Real Radio blog is primarily going to be a traditional blog and I thought a new persona of sorts was needed. My boss goes by the moniker of Blogging Molly which is a play on the band Flogging Molly. I chose a name that was a play off a similar band's name, Dropkick Murphy. And "Blog Click Mikey" was born.

Click click click.

The basic goal for this blog is to get clicks. While I am going to come up with original content, I'm also going to share stories that I feel might go "viral". I am going to have lots of fun with it and hope you guys will follow along and see what I post over there as well. The easiest way to keep up is to like Real Radio on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Whenever I post something new, I will share it there. If it's relevant, I may also share it on Magic City Mayhem's social channels too. To find my blog from the main www.realradio.fm site will be in the "Shows & Blogs" drop down menu. The coolest thing about all this is nothing changes here. They have no problems with me cross promoting my brand so we all win! I already have a few posts up over there and I look forward to posting more!

Here's to new opportunities! Cheers!


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