Back when I worked at Hard Rock Orlando, one of the things I used to do was being a V.I.B.E. Host. I talked briefly about it in this post HERE. But one of the coolest things about that job, was I'd be the person responsible for what music was being played throughout the cafe! I'd walk around with an iPad and essentially make a live playlist as the day was going. So, inspired by that idea, today I launch "Magic City Mayhem Radio"! A list of songs to listen to while cleaning the house, folding the laundry, taking a drive, basically good for all occasions! There's a couple of songs that contain a cuss or two, so be advised of company whilst listening. I plan on adding new songs every Sunday so be sure to check back weekly! I also hope to launch a second station with music inspired by the theme parks. Look for that either later today or tomorrow! The "station" will live on the Radio & Podcasts page. Send me an email at and let me know what you think! Currently this is only available via Spotify. I hope to eventually open this up on other platforms too. Enjoy!