Magic Kingdom and Beyond

You might've noticed a slight uptick in photos I've been posting from Disney World recently. Truth be to told, I hadn't had a pass for quite sometime and recently was able to get one. So I've been spending more time at the mouse than the globe in recent weeks. Last week I was able to do something I don't think I've done since Harry has been alive, and that was take a solo trip to the Magic Kingdom. Or even more specific, a solo trip specifically to take photos at the Magic Kingdom. I did go on a ride or three, but for the most part, I was there to take photos.

Picture Overload

I've already posted a couple of the photos from that day on Instagram and Facebook. But here's a special look at some of those and many unseen photos that I took from the Magic Kingdom. Which photo is your favorite from the bunch? What park should I visit next? Should I go back to the MK? Let me know!

MK Photos

Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Mikey’s Recent Magic Kingdom Photos”

  1. Great photos as always…love that you got a chance to do spend the day there taking photos…Ariel is my fav…she actually looks like she is underwater heading “up” like in the movie… ; ) I am heading there in a couple weeks myself…can’t wait!!!

  2. You’ve got a great eye, Mikey! Really nice photos!! Can’t wait until next year to go back to Florida!

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