Three SnapChat Spectacle machines have popped up around the theme parks and Citywalk over the last week. They're sunglasses with HD video cameras attached to them. You can record 10, 20, or 30 second videos with them. They will connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and you can either send the videos directly to SnapChat or your device to edit further.

The sunglasses come in three different colors. Orange, blue, and black. They also come with a hard case that can also charge the glasses while they're inside of it. The video it takes is really clear and it looks amazing! They cost $138 with tax.

Obviously Universal doesn't encourage filming on their attractions, so Team Members might ask you to remove them before going on a ride. A SnapChat representative told me that they're unsure how long the machines will be in place. It is depending on how well they sell. Check out my video below to see where you can find these machines. For more information on the Spectacles, CLICK HERE.

Would you want a pair of these? If you happen to get them at Universal, please respect their rules and guidelines regarding filming on their attractions!


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