Star Wars Sunday!

I’m giving all the credit to The Mandalorian, but there’s been a heightened feeling of excitement regarding the overall Star Wars brand lately. I even went back and watched the last trilogy recently. It took me a couple days, but I muscled through. It was the first time that I watched the three latest movies […]

Fett Freak Out!

I wish I had more of a backstory to this clip. The one guy was playing with Boba and smarting off to him. At one point, it looked like the guest was trying to make it appear he was being Force Choked. Obviously that completely ridiculous. But his faces and yelling “HE’S FREAKING ME OUT” […]

Daily Doodle #6

Happy Thursday and welcome back to the Daily Doodle! Here’s where I’ll share drawings from my sketchbooks, old and new. Mostly cartoon mashups with satirical intent with hopes to make you smile a little! The thumbnail will always be blurred as a teaser to get you here! Check out the archives HERE! Today’s doodle is […]