Yesterday, January 2nd, was the 6th anniversary of the closure of the Jaws attraction at Universal Studios Florida. I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of the attraction and I'm very happy with what they replaced it with. Sure, Jaws had that nostalgia of being an opening day attraction, but it was closed a lot more than people seem to remember. The one aspect of it that I do miss is the skipper role. It's rare to have a theme park attraction with a live "spieler". I wish there was more of that these days.

Here are a couple of my favorite Jaws associated videos. First one was one I uploaded at the beginning of 2017. Joey and I walked around Diagon Alley and pointed out some Jaws references and Easter Eggs through out the Harry Potter themed land. The second video was made by Universal Team Members. It's called "How To Tune A Fish". How clever, right? Every year Universal has an award show (The Woodys) celebrating all things Universal Orlando Resort entertainment. This video was made to be played at that award show. They parodied several well known broadway songs and made them Jaws relevant. It's fun to see all the retired attractions throughout the video.

Let me know if you miss the Jaws attraction and if you're happy with more Wizarding World replacing it!


3 thoughts on “Do you miss the Jaws ride?

  1. Omg. Had me laughing so much during JAWS the Musical!!
    Didn’t know about the brass / bronze in the shop coming from the ride, thanks for the scoop!

  2. Hi,
    I have located and “rescued” the beloved shark believed to be the same one posing in the 1992 Baltimore Sun article entitled “JAWS is no fish story for Eastport International Md. company makes sharks for park.” It seems a Maryland company took over for the original company that was fired by Universal in 1992. They specialized in underwater robotics and even recovered parts of the Challenger space shuttle.
    The shark was actually masquerading as a pool decoration in a backyard in Frederick Maryland since around that time.
    Very little information is known as to what happened to the original (1990) Universal Orlando Sharks, perhaps you can shed some light?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,
    John Ryan
    “Jaws Researcher”/Collec

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