Time lapse videos!

You know those videos where the camera is usually still and everything else is moving really fast? Those are time lapse videos. I guess sometimes the camera can move slightly, but not too often. These videos are usually used to show the progress of something. Whether it be something being built, a sunrise, a sunset, it's something that looks cool when it's condensed in to just a couple minutes as opposed to the length it actually takes to accomplish. Personally, my favorite thing about these videos are watching the clouds move. I've done a couple of these at Universal.

Even Disney and Universal themselves have released their own official time lapse videos. Usually focused on construction or setting up for holidays.

And just for good measure, here are a couple that aren't theme park related at all.

Which one was your favorite? Most phones allow you to create these videos yourself without even using an app! Go out there and try it today. Send me a link with your results!


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