trip of a lifetime

It was just about 5 years ago that I had "won" a trip of a lifetime. I was selected to go to London for an all expenses paid weekend getaway. It was to see the rock festival "Hard Rock Calling". And when I said all expenses paid, I even mean food and drinks while at the festival. Even beer! So you'd think Mikey had the time of his life and partied his face off, right? Well, maybe if Mikey were awarded this trip about 5 years earlier. At this point, little baby Harry was just 2 months old. So there was no sleep for anyone in my house for quite some time. And that's probably what I did the most from the moment I got on the plane, to when I stepped off back home. I slept.

Now, I'm not saying I slept the whole entire time. However, I did go back to the room early one night and I was awoken by a very intoxicated roommate. Oh, that's a story for a whole other day. But I did see a lot of the bands, I got to wander around the city, and I even got to meet Disney Kymie for the first time! Here are a couple videos from my weekend out in London for the Hard Rock Calling Festival. It was an amazing experience. I just wish I wasn't so "new dad" tired.

Until next time, catchy catchphrase! -Mikey

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