Peculiar People Day

Happy Friday, Magic City Maniacs! We almost made it to the weekend and I think it is fitting that today, January 10th, is Peculiar People Day. Mostly because it is Friday and people get a little crazy by the end of the work week. To celebrate, here’s a few recent posts to HHNstagram featuring some […]

Static Electricity Day

Good morning, Magic City Maniacs! Happy Thursday! According to the calendar, today is Static Electricity Day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos of me rubbing my socked feet on the floor only to unsuspectingly shock someone with the built up charge. However, I do have this video from 9 years ago of when I caught […]

Bubble Bath Day

Happy Wednesday, Magic City Maniacs and welcome back for another entry in my random daily observance and holiday calendar blog post! That’s a mouthful! So today is Bubble Bath Day and I had to really think about this one. Where have I seen a bubble bath in a theme park? And then I remembered two! […]