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Any time is a good time to be at HHN. But for me, there is just something a little more special about being at Horror Nights while the sun is still up. You get to see more details in the streets you normally wouldn't be able to see in the darker hours of the evening. Because of some effects and position in the park, some scare zones take on a completely different feel altogether during the golden hour. Vikings Undead in Central Park had that feel this year.

There was just something extra spookier about that zone right at dusk. The way the fog crept in and out of the wooden plank fence. The lack of people because most of the crowd was getting in line for Stranger Things or Ghostbusters. And the sunset perfectly over the west side of the zone casting a blood orange hue across the entire street. The combination of these things gave the area a different identity right before the sun went down, and it was awesome!

Here are some of my favorite photos from Vikings Undead during the golden hour. Be sure to follow HHNstagram on Instagram for more! See you tomorrow!


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