Drink a beer with Mikey and Joey

Drinking beer at Universal Orlando is one of my favorite things to do. So it only makes sense we would have a weekly show featuring this! We started doing the “5 o’clock Friday Beer” the first week of 2017. Joey and I would grab a brew from somewhere (usually on Universal property but there were a couple times we had a brew at the Mouse House), and we’d drink it while vlogging. We decided to take a little bit of a hiatus when busy season hit in June and after 21 episodes, season 1 of 5 o’clock Friday Beer came to an end. But have no fear, we are coming back for more!

Season 2 is on the horizon! More beer!

Starting in just a few weeks from now, Joey and I will resume our weekly tradition of sharing a frosty brewski with our audience. But for season 2, we want things to be a little different. We would like people to join us each week this time! Obviously our guests would have to be 21 and up and be able to have their own pass or be able to get in to wherever we are having our beer that week. But Magic City Mayhem will pick up the tab for our guest’s beverage! To start out, we will probably just allow one guest star per episode, but later on down the road we may open it up to more than one at a time. Would you like to join us for a beer? Head on over to the 5 o’clock Friday Beer page and fill out the form on the bottom and we will get back to you! Until then, check out the playlist below and watch season one in its entirety!

Hope to see you out in the parks!


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