Photoshops and Memes

Haters Will Say It's Photoshopped

I've always loved the art of altering a photo. Sometimes the change is so ridiculous that you know it was edited in Photoshop. And other times you do a double take and question if that's how the image has always looked. During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to sharpen my Photoshop and meme making skills. A lot of them are Halloween Horror Nights centric thanks to the surging rise of HHNstagram. But here is a collection of some of my favorite edits from the last 18 months or so. Let me know which one is your fave and be sure to share it on your social channels!


Greatest Hits CD


All Hail the Figment Popcorn Bucket


I Don't Remember Why I Made This One


A Couple of Strange Portals




Uncle Steven Riding Jaws

Uncle Steven


Jack the Clown Inspired



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