Walking through Citywalk yesterday, I realized there was a lot going on but a lot going on quietly.

  • Hurricane Irma claimed most of the Toothsome banner and Bubba Gump signage you see when you first enter Citywalk. Both of them are still missing with the Toothsome banner being removed completely.
  • Cinnabon has also been closed for about a week now. Fortunately they set up a Cinnabon cart right in front of the store to feed that need in the morning.
  • All of the exterior signage for the old Element Store has been removed. At first the sign on the said that it was closed for renovations, but now the sign no longer says "renovations".
  • All of the signage on the arches for HHN are related to all of the intellectual properties (IPs) for the houses. Nothing too extravagant like some HHNs of the past.
  • Flags lowered in observation of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

See all of these points highlighted in the video below. We will be keeping a close watch on the old Element location and hope to see construction begin on the new location soon!


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