Last week, Universal Orla...I mean, Earl the Squirrel invited me out before Universal Studios opened for the day to get some alone time with the Holiday Tribute Store. In order to get to the Tribute Store, you have to walk through a pretty empty theme park to get there! You know me! I LOOOOVVVEE AN EMPTY THEME PARK! I shot a vlog style video that morning and it promptly reminded me why I don't do vlog style videos much. For the record, I am participating in "No Shave November", so there's a lot going on under my mask. There's so much going on, that I had to make mention of it in the video below. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Lil' Jack the Clown! He pops up a couple of times in this video.

When you watch this video, and the one I originally shot below it, you get a pretty in-depth feel of what the Holiday Tribute Store is all about and how they did such an amazing job with it! Which room would be your favorite? And what are your thoughts about Earl the Squirrel? The little one appears to be on the rise to become an official (and original) "icon" for their holiday celebrations. I'm diggin' it! Tweet me your thoughts!