The Epic Universe Preview Center Is Now Open In Citywalk

With the new park opening in 2025, Universal has blessed us fans with an opportunity to preview it. Before Islands of Adventure opened, there was a similar preview center inside of Universal Studios Florida.

Now the preview has moved to Citywalk and the entrance replicates what an entrance portal to one of the lands in the park will look like. I documented the progress of the building of the facade as seen in this thread on X:

Universal has taken the idea of a preview center to the next level. Using your own phone, and an official Epic Universe app, the scale model in front of you comes to life! When you point your device at sections of the map that have already been revealed (still waiting on Dark Universe and Potter), augmented reality brings the model to life and it is AMAZING!

It was also really cool to finally see the Super Nintendo World branding with Orlando on it too!

Dark Universe is also right up there on my highly anticipated list of things to see when it opens. I just stood there and stared at the replica portal.


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Here are some other photos I snapped today. I can't wait for the last couple sections of the model to come alive...ALIVE!!!!


I have a couple more videos I need to edit together and then I will post them here! Make sure to subscribe to Magic City Mayhem on YouTube! Uploading daily shorts counting down to Halloween Horror Nights 33 and more!

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