Carousel of Progress ’89

Carousel of Progress

Captured by my dad in July of 1989, this is the version of the attraction that featured the song “Time of Your Life(Now is the Time)”. It also has a different finale scene than the one currently. I always thought this version was cool because it showed Disney World and I was also at Disney […]

Muppet Monday!

There’s no better way to get through a Monday than with some help from The Muppets! We are less than 2 weeks away from The Muppet Show becoming available on Disney+ and to say I am excited is a tremendous understatement. All 5 seasons all at once! I am anticipating a nostalgic and sensory overload. […]

Who likes crossword puzzles?

Universal Studios Florida: Hollywood Blvd 1. Most Diamond Of The Bellas 2. Not Diner 3. Day Parade 4. Passholder Magnet Pickup 5. The Shop 6. It's Jason 7. This Kind Of Makeup Show 8. No Food At This Brown One 9. 49 Tribute 10. Ice Cream Pharmacy 11. Hi Cat 12. A Former Tribute To […]

Riddler me this! Did you know…

When most people think about The Riddler from the 1960’s Batman TV series, they will probably visualize Frank Gorshin playing the iconic villain. Sidebar, Mark Hamill used Gorshin’s laugh as the inspiration for The Joker as heard in the Batman animated series and several Arkham video games. But back to the Riddlers. BATMAN, Frank Gorshin, […]

There’s Only One Thanksgiving Song

What Is The Best Thanksgiving Song Ever? First thing’s first, I am not entirely sure what I sketched up there. I thought I had a good photo of a chalk piece I did at iHeart of a turkey, but I couldn’t find it. And I couldn’t find any theme park/Thanksgiving related photos that I’ve taken, […]

Daily Doodle #12

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to the Daily Doodle! Here’s where I’ll share drawings from my sketchbooks, old and new. Mostly cartoon mashups with satirical intent with hopes to make you smile a little! The thumbnail will always be obscured as a teaser to get you here! Check out older doodles HERE! Some of you […]


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