Universal Easter Eggs But Make It Christmas

Universal Easter Egg

Universal Easter Eggs for Christmas Something Universal has been doing increasingly well is hiding Easter eggs of their classic attractions in new things like queues and stores. The tradition continues in their holiday decorations on the streets of Universal Studios this Christmas season! Back in 2017, I noticed some themed […]

Gorewood Forest Appreciation Post

When it comes to good ol’ fashioned scarezone scaring, you don’t have to look any further than Gorewood Forest at HHN 30. Especially after dark, it goes back to HHN’s roots, SCARING YOU! It’s quite the challenge to get photos in this zone, so that means you’re at the mercy […]

What I Think Is Missing From HHN 30

  HHN 30 Is A Recent Classic Without saying things like “under the circumstances” or “despite the pandemic” I think everything Universal threw at us this year was solid. All 10 houses were fantastic! The 5 scare zones were amazing! Nightmare Fuel was a sleeper hit and Marathon of Mayhem […]

Carousel of Progress ’89

Carousel of Progress

Captured by my dad in July of 1989, this is the version of the attraction that featured the song “Time of Your Life(Now is the Time)”. It also has a different finale scene than the one currently. I always thought this version was cool because it showed Disney World and […]