Peculiar People Day

Happy Friday, Magic City Maniacs! We almost made it to the weekend and I think it is fitting that today, January 10th, is Peculiar People Day. Mostly because it is Friday and people get a little crazy by the end of the work week. To celebrate, here’s a few recent posts to HHNstagram featuring some […]

Static Electricity Day

Good morning, Magic City Maniacs! Happy Thursday! According to the calendar, today is Static Electricity Day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos of me rubbing my socked feet on the floor only to unsuspectingly shock someone with the built up charge. However, I do have this video from 9 years ago of when I caught […]

Bubble Bath Day

Happy Wednesday, Magic City Maniacs and welcome back for another entry in my random daily observance and holiday calendar blog post! That’s a mouthful! So today is Bubble Bath Day and I had to really think about this one. Where have I seen a bubble bath in a theme park? And then I remembered two! […]

Old Rock Day

Happy Tuesday, Magic City Maniacs! It’s time for the next entry from our random observance and holiday calendar. Today is Tuesday January 7th and according to the calendar, it is Old Rock Day. Lets pretend that there’s a “Hard” in there, and I can share with you one of the videos I’ve made at the […]